Beijing – Home of the Forbidden Army & Capital of Modern China

January 21, 2017

Beijing; Home to the forbidden city and the modernised government that runs China today

Surprised! These are the most compelling top 5 reasons to visit Beijing. So, what is everyone waiting for hurry up and explore as much as you can!
Beijing is the centre point of China, the location that holds some of the most influential historic infrastructure in the world. A City that thrives with economy and charms that are charismatic as the scenic views within the mountains of China. Explore the vast culture that Beijing brings with modernisation and history. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should set your destination to Beijing.

The great Wall of China:

Choose your tour guide and select the location you will enter the great wall! All the locations are close to downtown. You are looking at a 1-2-hour drive. Once taken your first heroic steps on the great wall, there will be nothing to prevent you from experiencing the breathtaking views. The wall is so high that it becomes dangerous for people to travel up any higher (During Winter of course). When you are at the peak, to the point you don’t want to go any further. You will have the most remarkable views overlooking mountains and roads. Before you leave, don’t forget to visit the stores and get your name carved in a unique, beautifully made certificate that states you are a hero that has walked the Great Wall of China.

Dive into history and walk the steps of the Forbidden City:

A imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty holds up to 980 buildings. Which is also known as the Palace Museum. Take your cameras out for this beautiful experience, located north from Tiananmen Square and other amazing locations. Find yourself reliving the history of Empress Dowager Cixi and how she managed to run China with her ambiguous intentions. And of course, what is more exciting than to experience walking through all the gates that have defended the city over 500 years. Do not skip on this location, you will certainly need to prepare for what history has in store for you.

Why sleep when you can go to the spectacular night Markets (Donghuamen):

What a way to experience the cultural and high diversity of Beijing street food, highly populated areas with limited space but that only adds to the travelling experiences! A hot spot that is recommended from the tourists, full of 100’s of flavours, Donghuamen will surprise you with foods you have never seen before. Here you will find the most interesting foods, certainly an adventure for those that have a open mind and are willing to try different things.

Beautiful in all seasons the Temple of Heaven:

Located in Chongwen District. This location cannot be missed, this sacrificial alter hosted by the Emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasty would hold a ceremony that was known as ‘The Heaven Worship Ceremony’. Opened to the public, you will have to walk through the prodigious park to get here. This location is blocked off by two walls; Zhaoheng Gate (South Gate) & North Heaven Gate. This is one location you do not want to miss !

Take a walk into the largest park in China “Summer Palace” – Yiheyuan:

Located in the Haidian District which is northwest of Beijing, 9 miles long (15 KM). This was the summer home to the Empress Dowager Cixi and many other royal families. During winter this is the time you can really enjoy the sceneries and get up and close, considering you can walk along the icy lake, but better be careful!!.

What is everyone waiting for hurry up and explore as much as you can !

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    January 24, 2017

    Have you visited alleyways in Peking?

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      January 26, 2017

      Hey Cl, yes i have visited the alleyways of Beijing and do hope to go back eventually!


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