A Tour Guide into South Korea (Seoul)

January 30, 2017

The Guide into South Korea!

South Korea, populated by 50.22 Million people, a place where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere and spicy food and what else do you need from this alluring country? From all you can eat pizza to historic buildings from the dynasties, this is certainly the place you will need to spend part of your holiday at (If not all)! Here are the top 5 best reasons why you should visit South Korea.

The Steps of Gyeongbokgung Palace

A historic palace that has been preserved to this day and founded in the Joseon Dynasty, this ancient wonder has been around since 1395. If you get a chance to explore this treasure be sure to check out Gyeonghoeru Pavilion which is situated on a small island that is surrounded by a beautiful lotus pond.

Why not shop in Myeongdong District

Another famous tourist spot that is located between Chungmu-ro and Eulji-ro as well as Namdaemum-ro Shopping in this location has a broad range of top brands and ready for you to choose from. This location is highly recommended especially for those that love spending money!

DMZ (Demilitarised Zone)

The border that differentiates South Korea from North Korea, this is definitely a place to be if you want to purchase some North Korean currency from the DMZ Tourist shop. When you come across the blue buildings with numerous cameras pointing in every direction you have come to the correct place.

This is the area that splits the two countries. During this visit, I highly recommend visiting the bridge of no return, which has a bit of a sad history because those who went across it never returned.

The War Memorial Museum

A good way to keep updated about the Korean war, this museum is located in Yongsan-Gu and as you approach the museum you will see a lot of flags on the left and right lined up one after another. These flags show who was involved in the Korean War and how much each country contributed towards the war on a stone on the bottom.

The museum itself holds approximately 33,000 artefacts that are waiting to be discovered by the tourists! One of my favourite sections was on the right side of the Museum, there is numerous amounts of war planes to check out!

Bukhansan National Park

Increase your horizons and pack your hiking bags, this place is also known as “Mountains north of the Han River”. It holds different difficulty hiking tracks from easy all through to really hard, some tracks can take up to 4 hours depending on the pace you decide to go at and of course which hiking track you have chosen!

During the track, you will witness heights overlooking astonishing views and better yet above the clouds themselves, with this breathtaking view you are bound to come back and experience the rest of the tracks this National Park has to offer, so get up early and experience the beautiful views once you have made it to the peak which overlooks the 79.92 KM National Park.



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