Top 5 Destinations to visit in 2017

May 10, 2017

Top 5 places to visit in 2017

The Great Spotted Lake – British Columbia | Canada
This lake is also known as Kliluk, which is very famous for its spots, very beautiful from high locations! It has an influx of minerals such as magnesium sulfate, calcium, sodium sulfates, silver and titanium. These minerals really show when the water has vanished. The Spotted Lake is restricted by fencing so people do not trespass onto this natural astonishment.

Beautiful Hitachi Seaside Park | Japan
From beautiful locations to colourful flowers, there would be nothing better than to spend a good day in this park, surrounded by countless flowers, the great part about this destination is no matter which season you go in, it will remain unique and beautiful. The park is situated close to Tokyo and this destination usually becomes populated during the fall, when all the Tokyo residents need a day away from the city life to enjoy all the flora. If you are to visit this huge garden palace, be sure to visit Kochier garden, which is quite popular within the tourists.

The famous Red Beach – Panjin | China
Red beach which is the only beach I have heard of that does not have sand, this fascinating and beautiful phenomenon is caused by a specific type of sea weed. “Sueda” Throughout the seasons, it will change from green during the summer and eventually begins to immerse itself into a beautiful red in Autumn. This highly unique destination is protected by the state, has restricted most of the areas from locals and tourists. Be sure to add this to your travel list, you will surely question how something like this could even exist!

The street of Bonn | Germany
This street is one spectacular destination, also known as “The Cherry Blossom Avenue” This location only started gaining popularity after a number of photographers started sharing pictures of this to everyone else. You can find this street in Nordstadt neighbourhood (around the city centre), The best time to venture off to go see this astonishing street is mid-April. Although Bonn is a small and quiet town, it becomes quite busy from the tourists the street attracts!

The Largest Mirror in the world – Salt Flats | Bolivia
Also, known as “Salar de Uyuni”. Imagine a 4000-square mile mirror as if you are floating in the middle of the atmosphere, this location is a popular source of lithium and salt during the summer time. The surface is extremely flat, giving it that nice finishing mirror effect. This Destination is not only famous for its mirror but also as a cemetery for trains, not just any trains but those antiques. This cemetary was once a thriving hub for transferring and distributing salt from the flat.

Mendenhall Ice Caves – Juneau | Alaska
Dive into this beautiful glacier, which can be found south east of Alaska and 12 miles from Juneau. The glacier was also known previously as Sitaantaagu which meant “Glacier Behind the Town” and Aak’wtaaksit “Glacier Behind the Little Lake”. Once you go deeper into the glacier the blue effects will shine brightly, allowing you to experience the magic behind the Ice caves, because of this glacier it has created new landscapes that we couldn’t even imagine!



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