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Top 5 Destinations to visit in 2017

Top 5 places to visit in 2017 The Great Spotted Lake – British Columbia | Canada This lake is also known as Kliluk, which is very famous for its spots, very beautiful from high locations! It has an influx of minerals such as magnesium sulfate, calcium, sodium sulfates, silver and titanium. These minerals really show when the water has vanished. …

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A Tour Guide into South Korea (Seoul)

The Guide into South Korea! South Korea, populated by 50.22 Million people, a place where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere and spicy food and what else do you need from this alluring country? From all you can eat pizza to historic buildings from the dynasties, this is certainly the place you will need to spend part of your …

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Beijing – Home of the Forbidden Army & Capital of Modern China

Beijing; Home to the forbidden city and the modernised government that runs China today Surprised! These are the most compelling top 5 reasons to visit Beijing. So, what is everyone waiting for hurry up and explore as much as you can! Beijing is the centre point of China, the location that holds some of the most influential historic infrastructure in …

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The Mysterious Islands of Maldives

                5 Majestic locations to visit Maldives like never before. Maldives is a luxurious destination full of wonders and stories, find out how Maldives got revolutionised by the Persians, this is one location that is visited by millions of people each year for its superior beaches to the kindness of the locals. From …

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Travelling as Vikings (Norway)

Some Of The Best Places To Relive The Viking Fever In Norway Packing for Norway? Don’t skip to visit these best places in Norway. So what are you waiting for? Buck up Viking Fans, It’s Norway calling! A Viking history trickle back into the pop culture and this is the reason why more and more people are interested in knowing …

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A Walk into Middle Earth (New Zealand)

Don’t Miss These 5 Places When In New Zealand! No matter how well-travelled you have been in your life, visiting New Zealand will fill you up with experiences that are truly going to amaze you. So just pack your bags, get the right tour guide for New Zealand, and gear up for unbeatable adventure and exploration. And, yes once you …

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The Joys of Hong Kong

The Top Tourist Attractions In Hong Kong You Must Squeeze Into Your Itinerary The world’s most visited city Hong Kong has so many things to see and explore that it often takes more than one trip to cover them all. Although known as the glamorous financial hub and a city for luxury shopping, this place is deep-rooted in its culture …

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